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TEAS Testing for Nursing Application

Are you applying for the Nursing Program? Schedule the required TEAS test today.

The ATI TEAS exam is comprised of 170 total questions, with 209 minutes in allocated testing time. Question types include multiple choice, multiple select (select all that apply), fill in the blank, ordered response and hot spots.

About the TEAS exam

Reading Mathematics Science English and Language Usage
Number of Questions 45 38 50 37
Number of Unscored Questions 6 4 6 4
Time Limit (Minutes) 55 min 57 min 60 min 37 min
Specific Content Covered

Key ieas and details (15)

Craft and structure (9)

Integration of knowledge & ideas (15)

Numbers and algebra (18)

Measurement and data (16)

Human anatomy & physioloy (18)

Biology (9)

Chemistry (8)

Scientific reasoning (9)

Conventions of standard English (12)

Knowledge of language (11)

Using Language and Vocabulary to Express Ideas in Writin (10)


May 22, 2024


9:00 am


Testing Center
13100 Brooklyn Blvd.
Eden Prairie, MN 55437

For exam details, cost and registration, please visit the ATI website.

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